The future is here, and we are proud to announce Firefly Entertainment as one of the partners and investors of TSX Entertainment in New York, one of the most exciting and innovative happenings in the entertainment industry. Facing the busiest part of Times Square, TSX with it’s 46-story tower will be the future platform for the entertainment industry, from music and beyond. From tomorrow’s rising stars to icons of our time, TSX will be the massive megaphone over one of the busiest places in the world. With a stage fronting Times Square, hotels, retail space, food and beverage, TSX creates the space for artists, fans, and the industry to meet, grow and build history together.
”If you’re thinking about releasing anything in pop culture – I’m not just talking about music – if you want to cut through, you really need to think about how do I make that moment the biggest ever? How do we create the biggest megaphone ever? We do it at the most trafficked corner in the universe that everybody knows, Times Square is one of a kind” (Nick Holmstén, Billboard)
This journey has just begun. TSX Entertainment will open during 2022.