We do not just release music, we create artists. The artists in the Firefly Family are the driving force of change. We believe that music changes human minds into something powerful and good. We believe in the power of working closely together with our artists to give people of the world the soundtracks of their everyday lives. That creativity, knowledge and flexibility together with strategy, resources and a strong network of contacts is crucial to success. And that great success is achieved by working in specialized, familiar teams with love for music and innovation and with time for the artists. 

Firefly Entertainment is an independent and modern record label with a proven track record of global success and proudly we call ourselves home to a roster of world class music, producers and creators from all over the world. Our love for giving people their everyday soundtrack led us to develop Firefly Wellness, a vast collection of instrumental tracks for lifestyle and health.  Firefly Entertainment is a global company formed in 2010 with our headquarters in Sweden. We work with teams and partners across North America, Europe and Asia. We are committed to growing our partnerships across Asia and have since expanded to a dedicated office in Singapore. 

The future is independent. Music is everyday. We keep it playing. Welcome to Firefly Entertainment.


The Music

With a comprehensive know-how of the music industry, we are highly adept at identifying and developing talented artists, hit songs and brilliant producers.  Our talented songwriters, lyricists and producers have created hits for artists from all over the world, We’ve also become active in the Middle East and Africa.Publishing was originally our primary focus, but the label is now central to everything we do. Our next mission is to break in to the world of sync.