SoSo fauX

According to indie duo SoSo fauX, as human beings we are fundamentally made up of unique vibrations and rhythms. It is this base notion that inspires them to explore their musical creativity in an introspective quest that transcends time and space, and lands in a flourishing fusion of experimental, psychedelic bedroom pop in a poetic shimmer. 

SoSo fauX is an ever-growing dynamic between childhood friends Andreas Thordenberg and Nicolai Kjellberg. After exploring music separately, they started writing and producing songs together in 2019, drawing from Nico’s years of experience in the commercial hit duo Hearts & Colors. Together, they have found a way to constantly evolve both as humans and musically, pushing their sound to infringe boundaries and expectations, to a state of nostalgic euphoria. Whether it’s tireless synths and keys that meet dancing bass loops or an artillery of acoustic ballads where the ambient and delicate play a crucial role, their mission is to create a space for people to be organically brought together with nature, music and themselves. Just like the night, SoSo fauX falls like a bleeding blanket over humanity and lights up with its innovative indie creations, which land somewhere between abstract and vaguely familiar, in a contemporary indie pop reminiscent of acts like Dayglow, The Japanese House, Boy Pablo, Tame Impala and Gorillaz .