Like the celluloid nostalgia from a coming-of-age teen flick set to hip-hop beats and ethereal guitars, Boy In Space invites the most intimate of kinships. Swedish-born singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Robin Lundbäck allows his imagination to run wild on tape, welcoming listeners into an often wild and wonderful world untethered from reality—yet inspired by it. With millions of streams on Spotify and acclaim from Paper, DuJour, Just Jared, Ones To Watch, Spindle, Atwood Magazine and more within a year since his independent emergence, he engages and entrances with each and every subsequent release.

“I want to bring people into my head, which can be pretty weird,” he smiles. “Boy In Space stands for my own space. It’s what I try to express and the vision I share. I have so many different ideas. There’s a creative spin to everything I do. We’re just getting started on this journey together. The farther we go, the more you’ll get to know me.”

His own journey began in the tiny town of Alingsås. 45 minutes outside of Gothenburg, this idyllic backdrop offered just as much inspiration as his parents’ diverse record collection did. Citing everyone from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Thin Lizzy and Toto as influences, he felt “born into music like a second or even first language he had no choice but to learn.” As a kid, he penned countless songs to impress his older brothers and continued to develop his chops, and in 2016 he turned his attention to solo music and what would eventually become Boy In Space. For as much as he endeavored to venture into a new sonic space, he also recognized his roots.

“My initial thought was to do something different, but without shying away from Swedish pop,” he explains. “I’ve always loved pop music, strong melodies, and big choruses. I’m going to be in that sphere. However, I knew I could have my own style and voice. I tried to leverage my range and high pitch. It’s a field where I can express myself more uniquely.”

In 2018, he made his debut on the single “Goodbye,” which clocked upwards of 1.5 million Spotify streams and drummed up initial buzz. On its heels, “Give Me” racked up another 4 million Spotify streams. 2019’s follow-up singles “7UP” and “Cold” [with unheard] made waves by quickly joining the 4 million-club. The latter sways from dreamy keys into a skittering trap-style beat as memories like “the place we first kissed” materialize. Robin’s voice stretches into a stratospheric falsetto, illuminating his expansive vocal palette.

“I channeled the feeling of being with someone but wondering how this person can be so cold,” he explains. “You’re asking, ‘How could you say that? How could you do this? How can you be so cold?’ Those are the questions of the song. It’s the pressure of a relationship. I’m drawing on what’s happened to me in the past and getting it out.”

By composing atmosphere hooks on intensely meaningful lyrics, Boy In Space balances his ability to illustrate the intensities of youth, the cold sting of heartbreak and the suffocation of betrayal while creating boundless melodies that are destined for a revisit. The latest single, “Drown,” evinces the scope of his sound with another dreamy sonic backdrop and fluid verses which capture Lundbäck’s cinematic lyrics and masterfully-tender vocals over gentle piano. Meanwhile, he teams up with Shy Martin on the undeniably emotionally-charged confessional “On A Prayer” which listeners can expect to hear before the end of the year. By entering Boy In Space’s head, you might just feel a little better.

“When I’m emotional, I connect the most,” he leaves off. “I’d love to show everybody you can be the weird kid with the weird brain who actually gets to do what you love. You can be yourself. You don’t have to be typical. It’s fine if you’re not perfect. It’s fine to be happy when you listen to sad songs. It’s fine if you feel messed up. It’s fine to be human. That’s my message.” 






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