A modern artist with the roots of the traditional swing and soul music. Most people say he is Sweden’s answer to Michael Bublé, which actually describes him in a good way. He has a great voice combined with a great sense of humor that is loved by young and old. Andreas started to sing at the age of 6 and later in his teens he began performing live on stage and songwriting. But his music career started for real in the ”TV show ”Idol” 2010 where he ended up at a honorable 5th place. Since then Andreas has established himself as a remarkable entertainer and of the greats among Swedish male artists. But Andreas voice and music has far reached beyond Sweden much thanks to his popular Christmas Catalogue with songs like ”Before Christmas” and ”Christmas Dream”. These two songs are both platinum certified with over 40 million streams and counting and in 2015 Andreas reached #84 on Top 100 US Spotify. Weise’s music has influences from genres such as soul, jazz and swing and Andreas has on several occasions been described as a ”crooner”.