Firefly Entertainment AB is a Swedish music publishing and television company with representatives and music studios in Karlstad, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Firefly Entertainment offers rich ideas with an inventive approach in a wide variety of media and entertainment such as television, film, music production, publishing, songwriting and master rights. Firefly Entertainment is driven by marketing director Peter Classon and the founder Fredrik Hult. Since the foundation in 2010 Firefly Entertainment has had 25.000.000 sold units worldwide.

Firefly Entertainment´s music is published worldwide. The company has for the moment seven signed songwriters and one artist with more to come. Since the foundation in 2010, Firefly Entertainment has had 25.000.000 sold units worldwide and over 30 number one hits in Japan. Firefly Entertainment´s songwriters, lyricists and producers have delivered hits to artists from: US, Canada, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Sweden and many more..

Firefly Entertainment is constantly developing, improving and maintaining it´s television formats and Movie projects, both ongoing and upcoming ones, with main focus in the US, China and Sweden. With content in the world of reality, game shows, drama, lifestyle, digital and music, Firefly Entertainment are able to deliver a wide range of programming for brands, music rights holders and distributors. Firefly Entertainment brings together original and high quality TV across a variety of platforms around the world.

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Marketing Director
Peter Classon is the marketing director of Firefly Entertainment since 2010.
Peter has a Bachelors degree from Auburn University at Montgomery in
The US, where he studied between 1992 and 1995. Before his employment at Firefly Entertainment, Peter worked as a Senior Internet Consultant at the marketing and advertising company Getupdated AB.
+46 70 552 04 04
Creative Director
Fredrik Hult is the founder of Firefly and is responsible for the company’s strategic partnerships. Fredrik is a successful international songwriter and producer who has enjoyed a large number of successes, among them 22 number one hits and three #1 on the united world single chart. He has had several multi-platinum awards to his name and in 2006, he took credit for having the most downloaded song in Japan.
+46 70 969 69 22